Stratton Research – Jim Stratton

January 13, 2021

I founded Stratton Research in 1993 to provide demographic-based market research services to companies and individuals involved in all types of real estate development and site-specific businesses. Before that, starting in 1980, I worked for Robert L. Siegel & Associates, Inc., a New Orleans based consultancy providing the same types of services. And before that, I was a PhD candidate in cultural anthropology at Tulane University. And even before that, I studied Architecture at Kansas State University. I mention my academic experience because I think that it has contributed to what I do now. Architecture has a direct bearing on real estate. And cultural anthropology provides a framework for understanding the market through its emphasis on studying human behavior and communication.

Some people interested in the business of self-storage are still under the impression that it is an easy to enter, almost fool-proof way to make incredible amounts of money.

That may have been true years ago–but no longer. Self-storage has become a sophisticated, multi-billion dollar international business. It is no longer enough to throw up a cheap building and wait for the money to start rolling in. It costs over one-million dollars now to build or buy even a small self-storage facility.

You really need to be well prepared before entering the business. Even experienced parties need to do research before starting on any particular development project or acquisition.

Contact us today to learn more about conducting a feasibility study on your next project whether it is here in Texas or or in another state.

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