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December 13, 2022

Van Life / RV Living is becoming more and more popular. We visited the website and thought we would share some of the interesting statistics about the RV industry with you below.

According to posts on Instagram for hashtag van life passed 7 million in 2020 which is an increase of 312% since 2017. Additionally, the 2020 North American Camping Report found that 4 out of 10 campers are more interested in going full-time RV living after the pandemic.

More than 11% of households own an RV. Some choose the lifestyle in order to reduce expenses and payoff debt. The cost of owning an RV can be lower than owning a home or renting an apartment. In fact according to RVIA the annual household income of the typical owner is $62,000!

Currently the largest demographic of RV owners belong to the 45-54 age bracket at 11.4%. The smallest but growing bracket is age 18-34 at just 4.9%.

The most popular state for RVers in 2020 was California with Texas coming in at number 6.

Be careful if you are looking at renting an RV for the first time. One of the top reasons for RV accidents was due to the inexperience of the drivers. Most states do not require special licensing to drive an RV.

Those are just a few of the interesting facts we found. If you want to check out more head over to 


“RV Statistics, Trends, & Facts (Updated 2022)” 12/13/2022


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