Self Storage Maintenance | Caring For Your Storage Facility

November 7, 2022

When operating a storage facility, an owner needs to pay attention to both the physical condition of the property as well as the operational aspect of the property. The physical condition of the property helps drive the operational side of the business. A property that is well maintained, is attractive to potential tenants which will help an owner drive higher rates as well as reduce overall operating expenses by avoiding large unexpected repair or replacement bills for neglected equipment.

Paying attention to the details and taking care of daily, weekly, monthly and annual maintenance tasks will help drive traffic to the property, increase rates, decrease operational expenses and increase overall value. When the owner is ready to sell or refinance the positive reflection of the care and attention the owner gave the property will be shown on the P&L which will reflect the higher revenue and net operating income achieved by this consistent attention to details.

Tenants willing to pay a premium, top of the market rate for their storage unit, want to see a facility that is well lit, trash free environment with working doors, security and gates. Believe it or buyers willing to pay a premium for a facility care about the same thing. Yes, income and NOI are very important but they want to see a property that requires little to no money to be expended after closing on deferred maintenance.

So, we found a great maintenance schedule in the November 2022 issues of ISS Inside Self Storage Magazine that will work for most facilities. Check it out below! Link provided to download PDF of full listMaintenance Schedule


Sample Facility – Maintenance Schedule
Frequency Item Tasks
Weekly Weeds Spray, check buildings/fence
Monthly Gates Inspect, clean, oil chain
Pest Control Spray inside and out, check rodent boxes
Doors Check stops, latches, handles
Quarterly Roof/Gutters Clean out, repairs
Carts/Collies Clean and check wheels, bolts, handles
Landscaping Update
Bi-Annually HVAC Service, cleaning
Lighting Check all bulbs and signage
Lawn Sprinklers Turn on/off, check heads, winterize
Fencing Check for weeds, repair, paint
Annually Driveways, walkways Pressure wash, repair, caulk
Bollards Replace covers and/or paint
Signage Clean, repair, replace
Fire Certification Call for renewal, test


Ross, Anna. “Insider Maintenance Secrets: A Solid Strategy for Keeping Tasks on Track.” ISS Inside Self Storage, Volume 31, Issue 11, Nov. 2022, 18.

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