RV Park Automation The Future?

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January 17, 2023

We ran across an interesting article we wanted to share with you about a newly opened remote managed RV Park in Tifton Georgia.

Remote management is a concept that has recently become more popular in self storage. This popularity is partly due to convenience but also due to the pandemic and social distancing. Technology in the self storage industry has quickly evolved to allow prospective tenants to shop, secure and pay for their unit online.  Without tenants living on the property, the asset does not demand a live manager to be onsite.

RV Parks however are much different. They are much more management intensive as there are tenants living on your property that do encounter problems from time to time that need addressing by a live person. Obviously the move in process is capable of being handled remotely. However, time will tell if tenants are happy waiting on a live person to arrive to handle what ever issues they may be having that cannot be handled remotely.

Here is a link to the article, FULLY AUTOMATED RV PARK

What are your thoughts?

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