Remote Management: How To Manage Your Storage Facility Remotely


September 14, 2021

Before I dig into this topic, let me just say this is not supposed to be a fully comprehensive discussion. There will most certainly be ideas and strategies that have been left out intentionally or unintentionally as I cannot fully discuss this topic in a brief blog. There are great resources I will link to at the bottom where you can dive further into this strategy and how to best implement it for your storage property.

Technological advances in self storage management software such as Easy Storage Solutions, Sitelink or StorEdge have made remote management for self storage facilities an increasing popular and possible option in recent years. This strategy has allowed owner operators to reduce management expense, increase cash flow and create an almost paperless, digital transaction process.

An owner operator can purchase or build a storage facility of up to 200+ units and efficiently and effectively operate the facility by themselves saving 5-10% of gross revenue in management and employee cost. A software program such as Easy Storage Solution (ESS) allows the owner to integrate a custom website through a third party such as Automatit or a standard, template website through ESS.

Once the website has been integrated, a prospect can then find the available unit they need, digitally sign a lease agreement, pay by credit card (auto draft), receive the individualized gate code as well the code to the lock on their unit. Once on site the customer can remove the lock, place their own lock on the door and drop the facility lock off in a box that the you can pick up and place back on a vacant unit.

This digital transaction process not only saves you time and money. It is also an increasing popular method for the customer to interact with the store. Many customers prefer the faceless interaction. They desire a process that is easy, streamlined and can be done on their own time.

Additionally, modern security systems allow you to remotely monitor your facility and follow up on recorded events in case an issue arises. Gate systems such as PTI and Storlogix integrate seamlessly with your management software allowing to you create individual gate codes, monitor activity and lock out delinquent customers all from your tablet or computer.

Here is a great resource you can check out to gather more information on this form of management for your store. The Storage Rebellion


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