RV Market Update

July 19, 2021

For this RV market update, we wanted to share some interesting numbers regarding RV’s and Campgrounds that came out in the August 2021 edition of “Woodall’s Campground Magazine”.

The RV Industry Association’s May 2021 survey of manufacturers determined that total RV shipments ended the month of May with 49,241 units, making it the best May on record. May 2021 shipments were a 75.9% increase from the 27,999 shipments completed in May of 2020! A new record has been set for each of the past seven months. Towable RV’s have led the surge in demand with 44,471 shipments in May of 2021, a 79.4% increase from May of last year.

In other news, an article titled “KOA June Research Report Shows 58M 2021 Campers” explains the KOA Monthly Research Report June Edition indicates 48% of campers plan to get out and camp this summer, including 19.8 million that intended to camp during the Fourth of July holiday. It is projected that over 53 million households will camp in 2021. An increase of 480,000 from the May projection of the KOA Monthly Research Report.

It is projected by KOA that an estimated 4.8 million new households will camp in 2021. Campers are most likely going to be spending their trips at these top three destinations: national parks, state parks and privately owned campgrounds. The top states for summer camping include California, New York and Texas.


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