Cost Segregation Services, Inc. – Tom Brodie

November 12, 2021

I help commercial property owners capture substantial cash returns of 6 to 10% of their building’s value in their next tax filing. This could be 10’s or 100’s of thousands of dollars to help business expansion or for personal use.

We do this using a little-known IRS-approved depreciation strategy that takes all the work, uncertainty, and anxiety out of amending previous year’s tax returns.

Whether you’ve been in your building for a few years, your building is brand new, or new to you, you owe it to your CASH FLOW to at least request a free cost segregation estimate!

With only 4 data elements about your building, we can compare your building’s profile against our database of over 20,000 buildings nationwide to determine the income tax savings we can deliver.

Remember, it’s YOUR money…Keep MORE of it!

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