Andrew Pena

December 21, 2022

Ryan Dooley with CRD Realty has been one of the most fortuitus meetings for my companies. Since meeting in January 2020 he has worked with me on the pursuit of several self-storage opportunities. The first investment was a typical deal which came out for sale.

The next deal was one that I had always wanted to purchase and, after many months of contacting the owner, who was already under contract to sell it, when the current buyer fell out, Ryan was able to get the seller to simply write a contract with us without remarketing the deal.

Most recently, on one of Ryan’s best efforts, he bird dogged a deal which was next to a facility we currently own. This deal took quite some time and the seller was never really ready to sell. Then, as is always the case with Ryan, he made a fateful follow up call to the seller and he was ready to retire and sell the property. Because of his efforts a property which we could no longer expand, now has another 2.5 acres and we are already in the site planning stage.

To this day, he continues to pursue market and off market deals which will grow my portfolio. I am confident our next deal is just around the corner.

I have no doubt that he wants to help me. He wants to grow my business. He wants me to be successful. To that end, he helps in any way possible. From gather competitive prices, to phone calls, to proformas, and direct mail campaigns, there is nothing he won’t do in the pursuit of my goals.

And, while I have described deals we have closed, in truth, he has pursued many more deals that have not materialized. But, deal or no deal, it has never changed the way he approaches his commitment.

As for Ryan’s character, you will not find a more thoughtful, honest, trustworthy, and just generally good guy than him. I have come to know him as a God loving family man and I am honored to also call him a friend.

When we decide to sell our portfolio, it will come with the confidence that we have entrusted this sizable transaction to someone who will exceed our expectations.

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